Steering Columns

Officine Vittorio Villa can offer all models of steering columns based on well known components and technical solutions that can be easily customized.
From Customer we need only main dimensions available to fit columns on the machine, preferred tilting pivoting point , the type of the spline of the lower and upper ends of the column shaft and our Engineering is able to proposed customized solutions.

Our columns are complying with following data:
Diameter of the main tube of the column: 45 or 55 mm.
Maximum torque applicable on the column shaft: 300 Nm.
Maximum transversal load applicable to steering wheel: 1000 N
Maximum Longitudinal load applicable to steering wheel: 1000 N
Maximum tilting angle: +/- 30°
Telescopic mechanism stroke: up to 100 mm
Tilting mechanism adjustment: by gas spring

Telescopic mechanism: control Knob at the center of the steering wheel proposed customized solutions.

Main test for project/product validation

To validate the project of our columns, we use to carr y out following strength and fatigue tests (1 cycle=application of the torque/ force in both directions):

1) Maximum torque strength test: 300 Nm x 10 cycles
2) Maximum strength transverse flexion test: 1.000 N x 10 cycles
3) Maximum strength longitudinal flexion test: 1.000 N x 10 cycles
4) Fatigue torque test: 35 Nm x 1.000.000 cycles
5) Fatigue transverse flexion test: 700 N x 50.000 cycles
6) Fatigue longitudinal flexion test: 600 N x 50.000 cycles
7) Salt spray resistance for painted parts 700 h (Astm B117)